• me: u guys gonna get wasted tonight or what?
  • lezbo: we were going to maybe play video games
  • me: trying to strengthen those fingers eh?
  • me: did u meet up with her?
  • lez: her friend never told me any specific locations of where they would be to meet up.
  • me: f blocked again.
  • lez: what is f? lol
  • me: finger


  • lez: i didnt look into it that much bc when i went to go read an article, there was a huge pic of jenna jameson
  • me: oh i see, you got sidetracked

"can melanie come?
*not an opportunity for your leso joke blog*"

- the lezbo

"(truthfully) Do you wanna get the fish tacos?"

- The lezbo (happiest day of my life)
  • lezbo: i know but if i dont go at all that could ruin any chances of me sleeping with her LOL bc she will think i am insensitive and unsupportive
  • me: sheesh. lezbos only think with one hole.


  • lezbo: i held for a really long time, 22 min to be exact
  • me: the last thing you held for that long was probably made of glass.
  • lezbo: well one request: no sushi
  • me: well this is a surprise...
  • me: did you perchance scroll down on that image search at all?
  • lezbo: lol no, why what was there - a porn image?
  • me: not that you're familiar, but there were a couple penises in there...
  • me: i was going to make pizzas..are there any topping requests/things you don't like?
  • me: i know you don't like sausage... zing!